Outline Scheme Documents

The masterplan of the tourist complex is in its final stages and is expected to be validated during the third quarter of 2017. The outline scheme documents are available to view and save on this page. These documents are the latest version, but since the program has not yet been validated, the documents are still subject to change. Final and binding documents will be uploaded as soon as the plan is validated.

Masterplan regulations
Sewage Addendum, Guidelines
Drainage Addendum, Guidelines
Environmental Impact Report for construction in the Dead Sea Water
Building Sections – 1 of 6
Building Sections – 2 of 6
Building Sections – 3 of 6
Building Sections – 4 of 6
Building Sections – 5 of 6
Building Sections – 6 of 6
Road Construction sections
Tree inventory chart
Cultivated and wild plants inventory chart and guidelines
Real estate appraisal table
Sewage plan Addendum
Site Development and construction plan Addendum
Sustainability Guidelines
Electricity plan Addendum
Salt water plan Addendum
Water plan Addendum
Landscape plan Addendum
Grading and drainage plan Addendum
Tree inventory Guidelines
Road, traffic and parking plan Addendum
Feasibility assessment of construction in the Dead Sea water
Seismic survey
Landscaping details
Site Development and construction plan Addendum
Land use Plan
Land use Plan – Area 1 of 4
Land use Plan –Area 2 of 4
Land use Plan –Area 3 of 4
Land use Plan – Area 4 of 4
Local Land use plans - Current status
Tree inventory plan Addendum
Regional and national Land use plans -Current status