About The Tourism Complex

The Project

On the shore of one of nature’s wonders, opposite captivating desert and sea views that attract hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers and medical tourists, Israel Ministry of Tourism is setting up the exclusive Dead Sea Valley Complex – immersed in nature and offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to realize a tourist dream.

Up to 5,000 new hotel rooms and epic investment

The State of Israel is building the Dead Sea Valley Complex on the shore of the Dead Sea – a national tourist project of unprecedented scope and size, with substantial government investment and commitment, which goal is to become one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. The Dead Sea Preservation Government Company (DSPG) which promotes the project, invites visionary entrepreneurs from Israel and the world to take part in this unique project. The project includes the construction of a tourist complex with world-class luxury hotels and up to 5,000 rooms (3,500 will be constructed in the new buildings area, 1,500 will be located in the already existing complex areas). In addition, the project will include state-of-the-art spa and health facilities, leisure facilities, a visitor and information center, a multi-purpose conference center, a commercial and entertainment center, as well as a modish promenade, connecting the hotels and the various attractions/facilities.

Eco-Tourism Complex with a Breathtaking View

The visionary project of the Dead Sea Valley Complex captures the character and sensation of freedom and tranquility of its location. It makes nature values, health and sustainability its beacon. Much creative in-depth thought had been invested in its planning by the renowned architect, Moshe Safdie. Every detail was made to merge into the unique landscape, enhance its advantages and naturally complement the overall picture –blue skies, desert colors, eternal sunshine and pastoral atmosphere.
The plan is based on principles of green and eco-friendly construction. The planning of lots and buildings is made in accord with the terrain. Hotels were allotted large lots to facilitate low-density and low-rise constructions that aligns with the slope facing the Dead Sea. Thus, securing for the guests privacy, quiet and an open breathtaking view as far as the eye can see.
The exclusive island-like hotels are surrounded by turquoise waters and situated along the winding shoreline, offering an exceptional vacation experience with spectacular panoramic views.
All the buildings and public areas were planned to ensure a unique experience and maximum satisfaction for visitors: the commercial center and the multi-purpose conference center were located side by side in order to create a vibrant center of activity that will not disturb the peace of those who seek quiet.
Some lots, designated for hotels, are currently in tender (lots 100, 101). The remaining lots, designated for hotels, commerce, recreation and entertainment, will be available in the course of 2018.

Development of the public domain and tourist infrastructure

The extensive public development of the Dead Sea Valley includes the preservation and cultivation of the nearby springs – Rom, Zohar and Bokek.
The heart of the complex will be accessible by foot, bicycle or dedicated shuttle only, while creating a vehicle-free zone. The new promenade will serve as a vibrant lifeline for the complex, connecting all attractions and services offered therein. The promenade will feature bicycle trails and shaded rest areas with plenty of green trees, public refreshment corners, a variety of restaurants and cafes, as well as public transport service along the shores.
The new nearby airport, in Timna, which building is currently in its final states, will facilitate increased accessibility to the complex for inbound international tourism.