About Us

Committed to Development and Close Counsel

The Dead Sea Preservation Government Company Ltd. (DSPG) was established in 2008 as an executive branch of the Israeli Government and the Ministry of Tourism, in the area known as the Dead Sea Land.

DSPG is responsible for the planning and implementation of infrastructure for the Dead Sea area in general, and coastal and tourism infrastructure in particular. Thus far, DSPG has executed projects costing over NIS 0.5 billion, and work is ongoing intensely.

DSPG is a company of professional reputation, committed to distinction, quality, efficiency, flexibility and quick response to challenges in an ever-changing reality, while keeping strict compliance with deadlines.

DSPG employs the best experts and professionals in Israel and abroad in all fields relevant to its activity: tourism, statutory planning, design, implementation, research, risk management and more.

The Company is currently promoting the statutory plan to develop the tourist complex in the Dead Sea – “The Dead Sea Valley Project”. The plan will serve as statutory basis for the establishment of the new complex, and for the upgrade and development of existing tourist sites.

In accordance with government resolution, DSPG will prepare for the Israel Land Authority, marketing dossiers for entrepreneurs in respect of the tourist complex lots.

The Company will execute infrastructure work in the lots and deliver the latter to entrepreneurs. It will oversee the building of the entire complex and assist entrepreneurs and investors through all execution stages and thereafter, in all aspects required and opposite all relevant parties (planning and licensing bureaus, government offices, etc.) in order to enable a swift and successful establishment of the project on its various components.

DSPG’s vision is to create a tourist complex of international standards, based on the unique characteristics of the Dead Sea area.