Masada National Park and Museum

With nearly a million visitors annually, no wonder that every year Masada tops the list of most popular sites among tourists in Israel. Here, on a secluded cliff-top, 430 meters above the Dead Sea at its feet, in 73 AD occurred one of the most dramatic historical events. Masada served as home to a group of Jewish zealots, men, women and children, who chose to commit suicide rather than to fall into the hands of the Romans that besieged Masada. Their deeds made it national symbol of bravery and courage.

This historical and archaeological site is the most visited in Israel; it has gained worldwide recognition and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The visitors are invited to view the museum artifacts from the time of the uprising, including rare scroll fragments, see the audiovisual show depicting the story of Masada, walk among the ruins of the magnificent northern palace built by King Herod, visit a synagogue built over two thousand years ago, see the ruins a Byzantine church and much more. Masada is also a venue of exceptional cultural events and sports activities happening under the moonlight and at the sunrise.