Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

In the heart of the desert, near the shores of the Dead Sea, at the foot of rugged cliffs, there is a green paradise. Ein Gedi is the meeting point of the past and the present, of man and nature. The Ein Gedi Nature Reserve is the largest oasis in the Israel. There are two streams rushing within its borders, Nahal David and Nahal Arugot, as well as other springs and waterfalls, which are surrounded by an abundant flora and fauna – a herd of mountain goats, foxes and hyraxes. Leopards also lived here until recently.

The settlement in the region began about 5,000 years ago, as evidenced by the archaeological remains of an ancient settlement dispersed in the Tel Goren reservation. Other archaeological findings include the remains of an ancient flour mill at the Ein Gedi spring and ruins of an ancient Chalcolithic temple near the spring. The reserve has trails of different difficulty levels, from segments appropriate for the whole family, to segments for experienced hikers only.