An Eco-Friendly Tourism Complex within a Breathtaking View

The visionary project of the Dead Sea Valley Complex captures the character and sensation of freedom and tranquility of its location. It makes nature values, health and sustainability its beacon. Much creative in-depth thought had been invested in its planning by the renowned architect, Moshe Safdie. Every detail was made to merge into the unique landscape, enhance its advantages and naturally complement the overall picture –blue skies, desert colors, eternal sunshine and pastoral atmosphere.


Broad Development of Public Infrastructure is already underway

The construction of infrastructure of the new complex is being rapidly executed by the Dead Sea Preservation Government Company, acting on behalf of the Israel Ministry of Tourism in concert with the Tamar Regional Council. Broad development of public infrastructure, including roads, bicycle trails, beaches and beach facilities, a central promenade, a unique desert park and more – is already underway, when a significant portion of the tasks – is completed.

Committed to Development and Close Counsel

The Dead Sea Preservation Government Company Ltd. (DSPG) will oversee the building of the entire complex and assist entrepreneurs and investors through all execution stages and thereafter, in all aspects required and opposite all relevant parties (planning and licensing bureaus, government offices, etc.) in order to enable a swift and successful establishment of the project on its various components.

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  • Incentives

    Investors will be given significant incentives, grants and benefits which will increase the attractiveness of their investment.

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  • The Lots

    All the lots feature stunning views of the Dead Sea and their unique location ensures complete privacy and tranquil scenery.

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  • Nature&Heritage

    An exotic oasis, wondrous sea, stunning desert cliffs and heritage sites make the Dead Sea Land an attractive destination.

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